Christmas Fair at Strömma Farm lodge

In December we went to a place called Strömma Farm lodge, just outside Varberg, on the west coast of south Sweden. It's this magic bed and breakfast/coffe place they have created in the middle of nowhere. Ususally open during the summer, when you can sit in the garden with your fika. A store with little things for your home and a large barn, where they have music shows with different acts during the summer. 

This was the second year that Strömma had a christmas fair and we decided to take a day trip. It turned out to be a very special place, well suited for this fair. You could buy christmas things and christmas trees, drink a cup of glögg, eat/fika in the restaurant and listen to some great bands playing. We will definitely come back here. 

Leica M7 // Tri-X // Scans by Carmencita Film Lab