Mixed GOT // City guide

I have often thought about doing a city guide of Gothenburg, inspired by early VSCO and the city guides they posted on their blog. But for me it will be sort of a city guide made on film. Film because I enjoy that experience more than digital (also the results). My beautiful black Hasselblad 500CM with Portra 400 and Leica M7 with Tri-X, is the intended gear I will use (all 50mm equivalent). I haven't really come around to do so many places yet, but I see this as a long term project, that I will pick up again during the spring/summer.

First place out is Magasinsgatan. It has more alternative side compared to the main shopping streets. Here you'll find the best coffee, food trucks, interior/clothing stores. I both love the look and feel of this place. It makes me feel like I'm not really in Sweden. And that's actually a good thing! More on that some other time... 

I hope you enjoy our beautiful Gothenburg and I hope to see some of you amazing photographers do the same for your city!


Hasselblad 501CM // Portra 400 & Tri-X // Scans by Carmencita Film Lab



Christmas Fair at Strömma Farm lodge

In December we went to a place called Strömma Farm lodge, just outside Varberg, on the west coast of south Sweden. It's this magic bed and breakfast/coffe place they have created in the middle of nowhere. Ususally open during the summer, when you can sit in the garden with your fika. A store with little things for your home and a large barn, where they have music shows with different acts during the summer. 

This was the second year that Strömma had a christmas fair and we decided to take a day trip. It turned out to be a very special place, well suited for this fair. You could buy christmas things and christmas trees, drink a cup of glögg, eat/fika in the restaurant and listen to some great bands playing. We will definitely come back here. 

Leica M7 // Tri-X // Scans by Carmencita Film Lab


Summertime blues

Just 10 min from home, on the coast of Gothenburg, lies Hovås kallbadhus. It's a place were people come to enjoy the beach, but also to go in the water in the winter. On the beach there are these little blue and withe beach houses that I just knew would look great on film. I took my Contax 645 medium format camera and loaded up on my two favorite color films, Kodak Portra 400 & Fuji PRO400H. Here you'll see both film stocks and to be honest they didn't differ that much in these lighting condicions. 

It was a warm and sunny day that warms me when I look at the photos, now when the snow is laying on the ground. I hope you enjoy them as much I do. 

Contax 645 // Portra 400 // Scans by Carmencita Film Lab


Contax 645 // Fuji Pro400H // Scans by Carmencita Film Lab